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The Pleasure Chef

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There are times when the combination of personal life, in addition to professional misfortunes, can create a concoction of manipulation and the discovery of hidden agendas. The moment Renee Foxjoy is ready to throw in the towel, fate changes the day she meets the captivating, yet mysterious Norman Holly.

Surviving one hardship after another, Renee’s luck surges when an opportunity arises for a position working as a personal assistant for superstar, recording artist Vereen Dubois-Gold. Redirecting her perception of life with a glass-half-full mentality, Renee dives deep into the lifestyle most women desire. Maintaining a closet full of high-end merchandise, complements of a substantial bank account, the perk of traveling around the world for free was all Renee imagined it would be.

A year into her tenure with Big Voice Records, Renee finds herself in a downward spiral, struggling to cope with pain, depression, and PTSD. Unaware of the surprises and secrets unfolding before her eyes as she tries to heal from her past, Renee stumbles across The Pleasure Chef, who helps her battle the cruel realities of her situation.

What’s done in the dark comes to light, leaving Renee to survive the hurricane of deception landing at her doorstep, alone. Unable to distinguish lies from the truth, Renee must determine who is a frenemy or foe between the people she trusts the most.

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